The Glendale Procters now rest in Spring Grove Cemetery.
Glendale Lyceum Post Card
In the 1970’s both of the Procter homes were razed to make way for new subdivisions. The only vestige of the Procter compound is the stone entry walls on Albion Avenue.

When the Lyceum was being built by subscription charges to the members, it came up short and Mr. Procter made up the difference to get it finished.

Following the death of W. A. in 1907, his daughter, Bessie, and her husband Ralph Rogan moved into The Oaks. Following the death of W. C. in 1934, Miss Mary Johnston moved into The Woodlands with Mrs. Procter and lived there until her death in 1967. Her father’s property was given to the Sisters of the Transfiguration. The Procters were related to many families and brought business acquaintances to Glendale. These are a few family names associated or related to the Procters: Mathews, Burchenal, Sawyer, Johnston, Rogan, Ault, Brown and Benedict. [parent]

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