February 11, 1974 - Contact With The Ohio Historical Society

Bart Hawley and Doreen Gove were informally bemoaning the triumph of the Telephone Company and Doreen mentioned Ipswitch, Massachusetts and their struggles with preservation. Soon a gathering of concerned villagers was assembled and Doreen introduced Mr. Gale Brooks, Project Director with the Environmental Preservation Department in Cincinnati, hoping that he might have some suggestions to help prevent further encroachment on the Village. He suggested the rout of the National Register. A listing in the National Register of Historic Places gives protection from any project in which Federal funds are used should the project adversely affect the listed building or district.

On February 11, 1975 Doreen wrote Mr. Porter at the Ohio Historical Society asking for information concerning the historic district and the procedure involved in becoming one.

Mr. Gale Brooks and Doreen Gove walked all around the area of the Village known as the Crawford and Clark Subdivision. She pointed out many buildings mentioned in Maxwell’s and Tweeter’s books written in 1870 and 1882 respectively.

Sidney Maxwell’s book

GHP reprint cover of Tweeter’s book

Text from Tweeter’s book

965 Laurel Avenue, Harkness House

825 Greenville Avenue, Crawford House

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