Glendale Development - Walsh & Dooley Subdivision 1864

John Walsh and Michael Dooley’s subdivision, recorded on May 14, 1864, included 21 lots on the north side of Washington Avenue west of Princeton Pike (Congress Avenue). Lots 7 to 21 were 1 acre; Lot 11 was 2 acres and already had a house on it, 503 feet west of Congress Avenue. John M. Cochran was the surveyor.

Michael Dooley left Ireland with his brother Anthony and arrived in Glendale via New York He was listed in the 1860 census at age 35 as a “common laborer,” but by 1870, he had become a lumber and coal merchant, and a partner with H. E. Willis in the Willis and Dooley Coal Company. He was also marshal of Glendale. Dooley built many homes in the village, including his own at 1045 Willow Avenue. He also built the brick commercial Willis-Dooley Block in the square after the 1880 fire.

Willis-Dooley Block 1895

Dooley House 1045 Willow Avenue

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