Past Exhibits

Title Date Description In Files # of Posters Touch Screen
Doctors Feb. 2014 A history of the doctors and medical services in Glendale from its inception to modern times Yes 8 No
The Changing Face of Glendale Feb. 2013 A documentation of significant structures that have been lost or significantly changed Yes 4 No
Houses Then and Now April 2013 A photo display of all the houses and structures in the Historic District in 1974-75 and 2012-13 No 44 No
The Proctors Nov. 2013 A history of the Proctor family in Glendale Yes 2 No
Morgan’s Raid July 2013 A description of the route and activities of Morgan’s Raid in Glendale Yes 8 No
Mt. Zion Church Feb. 2012 A history of the Mt. Zion Church located on Coral Avenue Yes 12 No
Eckstein School Feb. 2011 A history of the African-AmericanĀ Eckstein School in Glendale Yes 12 Yes
The Firefighters May 2011 A history of fire fighters and their equipment in Glendale Yes 11 No
Architects of Glendale July 2011 A presentation of the architects that have lived and worked in Glendale Yes 0 Yes
Did the Civil War Begin in Glendale? July 2009 Harriet Beecher Stowe probably used a Glendale Resident as the model for her book Uncle Tom’s Cabin Yes 0 Yes
How GHP Came into Being June 2009 Documentation regarding how and why the Glendale Heritage Preservation organization came into being Yes 0 Yes
Glendale Development Sept. 2009 A discussion of the development of subdivisions in Glendale Yes 0 Yes
The Underground RR in Glendale Sept. 2009 Brief discussion of Glendale’s role in the Underground Railroad Yes 0 Yes
Houses that Moved Dec. 2008 A presentation of various houses that have been moved from their original location to new locations Yes 0 Yes
Pivotal Structures Nov. 2008 Photos and map of the pivotal structures in Glendale Yes 0 Yes
Miss Mary Johnson Yes 0 No