How Glendale Heritage Preservation Came To Be

In the later part of February 1972 residents living in the vicinity of the Glendale Bell Telephone Exchange, located on the south east corner of Sharon and Laurel Avenues, were startled to learn through the grapevine that Cincinnati Bell, the owner of the exchange, proposed an addition to the building.  Located at the corner of Sharon and Laurel Avenues the building would be extended 74 feet to the east and continue the existing roofline so that the height of the building would be 40 feet above street level at the east end. The property was zoned for two family residential structures and would require the destruction of an existing home at 155 East Sharon Avenue.

Thus began the battle that lead to the creation of the Glendale Heritage Preservation and the Historic Landmark Designation for the Village of Glendale.

Location map showing the two properties combined by Cincinnati Bell

Exchange size in 1970

Addition to the 1970 building

House raised by the telephone company

Telephone company building May, 2009

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