Charlotte Rockwell Lackman
1886 – 1964

Charlotte Rockwell Lackman was the first president of Glendale High School’s Parent-Teacher Association, which formed in 1919. She was the granddaughter of Charles Moulton, one of the first residents in the village. His wife, Frances Sherman, was a sister of General William Tecumseh Sherman. Their daughter Cecelia married Charles Rockwell, an army officer, and Charlotte was born at West Point. After her father died while Charlotte was still a baby, her mother married another Army officer and the family lived at various posts.

Back in Glendale in 1907, Charlotte, then 20, married Herman W. Lackman, who had an engineering degree from MIT, but became involved in running the Lackman Brewery, founded by his grandfather. They had five children, including Elizabeth, who became a reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Besides the PTA, Mrs. Lackman was active in the Diocesan Altar Guild of the Episcopal Church, League of Women Voters, and Republican Women’s Club.

Charlotte and her husband were both expert bridge players who played in regional competitions. After her husband died in 1928, Charlotte moved to Cincinnati and even lived for a time in Greenwich Village in New York City. She spent her later years in Hyde Park.

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