Glendale Development - Several Small Subdivisions

In the northwest corner of the original village, the Susan Bruce subdivision March 1882 laid out 57 small lots, 50 to 57’ wide and 100 to 181’ deep on Washington Avenue west of Jefferson and also on Garfield and Lincoln Avenues. These were not built on, for the most part until the 1930s and ‘40s. Garfield was not developed until the 1990’s.

By 1914, several other subdivisions had been mapped in the southeast quadrant of the village, where the Procter families lived. The Albion Avenue, Reakirt and L.C. Hopkins and Central Place subdivisions were laid out north of Oak Street, Glendale’s southern boundary, and east of a mapped street called Grand Avenue. The latter was only partially built and is known today as Hedgerow Lane.

Not all subdivisions recorded were implemented. As described previously, most of the Morse subdivision was not built as planned. The Britton Roberts Subdivision, which carved 12 new lots out of lots 223, 224 and 225 straddling Springfield Pike, and the Hickman & Williams Subdivision in the northeast corner of the village are examples.

Susan Bruce Subdivision

Hopkins Subdivision

Grand Avenue is now Hedgerow Lane

Subdivisions Across Springfield Pike

Hickman and Williams Subdivision

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