Glendale Squirrels

In 2005, Glendale revealed 25 five-feet tall fiberglass squirrels as part of its sesquicentennial celebration. Today, 13 of those squirrels remain on public view. This map, edited from the original, and the listing of squirrels provides a guide to viewing the remaining squirrels of the “Glendale Squirrelly Gig.”

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The location of the remaining 13 squirrels are identified on this map by their number, along with the three trails used to view the original 25 squirrels.


Repainted as a Beefeater, the squirrel is located at The Cock and Bull Pub, upstairs on the deck.

Scout Fosdick

Located on the Harry Whiting Brown Community House lawn opposite the Scout House.

Bluebird Bakery

Located outside the Bluebird Bakery on the Village Square.

Faberge Fosdick

Originally located outside Smith Jewelers but now relocated to the southwest corner of the Village Square.

The Open Road Squirrel

Located at the junction of Greenville and Fountain Ave. on the southeast edge of the Village Square.

Twinkleberry Glentale

Located at the junction of Greenville and Elk Ave.


Located on Congress Ave. outside the Glendale Elementary School.

Flower Power

Located on Congress Ave. at Carruthers Park.

I. C. Clearlynow

Located at Congress and Washington Ave. Repainted as a squirrel skeleton to reflect the adjacent business: Glendale Family Chiropractic

Scrappy Fritz Kloth

Located on Sharon Ave. outside the Town Hall.

Retire In Style

Originally located outside the bank in the Village Square. Now relocated to the forecourt of the UDF on Sharon Ave.

Fosdick at the Pond

Located at the entrance to Carruthers Pond Drive.

Drop Shot

Located at the entrance to the Queen City Racquet Club building on Chester Rd.

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