Jane Johnston Procter
1864 – 1953

Jane Johnston Procter

 “Her love knew no bounds and her generous eagerness to help others reached to the ends of the earth.”
Bishop Henry W. Hobson

Jane Johnston Procter was “widely known for her philanthropic interest in church, charitable and civic programs.”

Born in Mount Auburn in 1864, Jane was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Johnston. In 1889, she married William Cooper Procter, who would become president of the Procter & Gamble Company, at Christ Church in Glendale.

Devoted to the Episcopal Church, Jane Johnston Procter played an active role in Christ Church Glendale and the Southern Ohio Diocese. In 1952, she gave the diocese a large farm near London, Ohio, to host church conferences and train clergy and lay leaders.

Her support enabled construction of numerous new church buildings and religious programs at Ohio colleges and universities.

One of her primary causes was the Widow and Old Men’s Home, which merged with Maple Knoll Village in 1973.

For many years, she served as honorary chair of the William Cooper Procter Memorial Fund managed by the Diocese of Southern Ohio.

Her last major gift was a new wing of Children’s Hospital, where her husband had led the board. She founded the Christ Church Glendale William Cooper Procter Foundation, which has benefitted many families in need and other worthy projects in Glendale.

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