November 24, 1974 GHP Articles Of Incorporation Filed

General Clio Straight had been working on the Articles of Incorporation for the group for several months. Initially Doreen Gove wanted the name to be “The Glendale Heritage Trust” but the General said that would never do as it sounded too much like a bank! Hence the name Glendale Heritage Preservation (GHP). General Straight was at the time a consultant with the law firm of Frost & Jacobs. He was invaluable to the fledgling organization as he did all the legal work on a voluntary basis even to drawing up preservation ordinances which were never acted upon.

On November 29, 1974 The Articles of Incorporation of the Glendale Heritage Preservation were filed with the Office of the Secretary of State of Ohio.

Articles of Incorporation were signed by: Charles A. Ault, Doreen D. Gove and Harry M. Matthews.

745 Ivy Avenue, Thompson Bailey House

40 East Fountain Avenue, Marston Allen House

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