Past Exhibits

TitleDateDescriptionIn Files# of PostersTouch Screen
125th Anniversary of Glendale Fire DepartmentJune 2019Explores the history of the Glendale Fire Department on the 125th anniversary of its founding.Yes12No
20th Century ArchitectureOct. 2018Houses contributing to Glendale’s National Registration Historic District built during the period 1900 through 1966.Yes13No
An Underground CommunityFeb. 2017How blacks settled in historic GlendaleYes0No
385.8 Acres: A Walk Through Glendale’s HistoryJune 2016Explores the evolution of the original Matthews property (Landmark)  June 2016Yes0No
Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Christ Church GlendaleApril 2015Yes0No
100 Years of Glendale’s Civic Garden ClubsJuly 2015Growing the Knowledge & Love of GardeningYes0No
The Seasons of GlendaleOct. 2012An exhibit of photographs by Officer Delow WilliamsYes0No
DoctorsFeb. 2014A history of the doctors and medical services in Glendale from its inception to modern timesYes8No
The Changing Face of GlendaleFeb. 2013A documentation of significant structures that have been lost or significantly changedYes4No
Houses Then and NowApril 2013A photo display of all the houses and structures in the Historic District in 1974-75 and 2012-13No44No
The ProctersNov. 2013A history of the Procter family in GlendaleYes2No
Morgan’s RaidJuly 2013A description of the route and activities of Morgan’s Raid in GlendaleYes8No
Mt. Zion ChurchFeb. 2012A history of the Mt. Zion Church located on Coral AvenueYes12No
Eckstein SchoolFeb. 2011A history of the African-American Eckstein School in GlendaleYes12Yes
The FirefightersMay 2011A history of fire fighters and their equipment in GlendaleYes11No
Architects of GlendaleJuly 2011A presentation of the architects that have lived and worked in GlendaleYes0Yes
Did the Civil War Begin in Glendale?July 2009Harriet Beecher Stowe probably used a Glendale Resident as the model for her book Uncle Tom’s CabinYes0Yes
How GHP Came into BeingJune 2009Documentation regarding how and why the Glendale Heritage Preservation organization came into beingYes0Yes
Glendale DevelopmentSept. 2009A discussion of the development of subdivisions in GlendaleYes0Yes
The Underground RR in GlendaleSept. 2009Brief discussion of Glendale’s role in the Underground RailroadYes0Yes
Houses that MovedDec. 2008A presentation of various houses that have been moved from their original location to new locationsYes0Yes
Pivotal StructuresNov. 2008Photos and map of the pivotal structures in GlendaleYes0Yes
Miss Mary JohnsonYes0No
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