Angeline Faran
1895 – 1983

Angeline Faran

Angeline Faran was the leading chronicler of Glendale history and social life in the mid-20th century. She edited and wrote much of the Glendale centennial book, published in 1955, with help from members of The Glendale Monday Class. Angeline taught in Glendale Elementary School for many years and briefly served as principal in the early 1930s.

She founded The Glendale Literary Club, which was the first coeducational club of its kind and continues today.

An active member of Christ Church Glendale, she contributed to the “Story of Christ Church,” published in 1965. Starting in her mid-70s, she wrote a column entitled “Glendale Notes,” for the Cincinnati Enquirer society page. She also wrote for the Mill Creek Valley News.

Angeline moved to Glendale in the 1920s after her marriage to James Faran, III, a non-commissioned officer in World War I. She was born in Cincinnati to Blanche Richardson and Franklin Loveland. As a teenager, she attended Miss Doherty’s College Preparatory School and went to Wellesley College where she graduated with distinction in 1916.

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