Catherine Mackay McCord
1891 – 1975

Catherine Mackay McCord

Catherine McCord was an early environmentalist. As President of the Federated Garden Clubs of Cincinnati from 1937 to 1940, she launched a door-to-door campaign to reduce chimney smoke and improve air quality.

In Glendale, Catherine was a leader in the establishment of the green spaces and the creation of the Glendale Park Board. She was an officer and member of the Board for many years. In 1943, she spearheaded the establishment of Community Victory Gardens, 12 acres of Village land on Oak and Willow that were made available to Glendale residents. Catherine headed the committee that approved applications from residents to use the land for a garden.

From 1942 to 1946, Catherine was one of two Vice Chairs of Women at War, the women’s division of the War Finance Corporation of Hamilton County. They led a group of women who sold War Bonds through eight campaigns by the US Treasury Department. Her volunteer work was recognized when she received the Distinguished Service Award from the US Treasury Department War Finance Committee in 1944. It was the highest honor bestowed for volunteer efforts at selling bonds during the war.

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