The Fight Goes To Court

More than a dozen of the immediate property owners hired counsel and appeared at the Zoning Appeal Board hearing on March 6, 1972. After the telephone company appealed the refusal of the Glendale Building Commissioner to grant a permit for the proposed monstrous addition.

Fortunately for the Citizens of Glendale, the Zoning Appeal Board sustained the Commissioner’s ruling, insisting that;

“… the enlargement of the present utility structure to at least twice the present size would, in the opinion of the Board, adversely affect the character in a substantial manner. Balancing the convenience and welfare of Glendale against that of the non-residents served by this facility, we find that there is no proof that the public convenience and welfare of these non-residents require the further enlargement of the utility facility at this location. We do not feel that the language of Section 9-11 gives the utility a right to place the building wherever it wishes, or to make any enlargement to existing buildings, simply because there has been an increase in demand for telephone service.”

Glendale Town Hall

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