Monica Alles-White

Monica Alles-White

“Living in Glendale taught me that everyone has the ability and responsibility to make where they live a better place – that’s a community.”

Monica Alles-White holds the record for Glendale’s longest-tenured female Council Member, serving for 16 consecutive years, from 1998 through 2013. During those years, Nikki chaired each of the council committees, as well as the Traffic Committee for the Village’s 2000 Strategic Plan. She secured $52,000 for new playground equipment in three parks, created three walking and bike paths connecting village historic landmarks and Sesquicentennial squirrel figures, and spearheaded Hamilton County’s first bike helmet safety legislation. She was elected Vice Mayor in 2013 and was the first woman to run for Mayor in Glendale.

A registered and licensed Dietitian/Health Educator, Nikki pushed for the Village to become the first Hamilton County community to plan for mass disasters by creating a Point of Dispensing (POD) center, where people can safely receive medications, vaccinations, or supplies in an emergency.

Nikki was instrumental in the renovation of the Village of Glendale office facilities. She led the initiative to broadcast council meetings on the local ICRC television station. She also successfully advocated for public notice of vacancies on Council and the Planning Commission. After Glendale’s first hurricane, Nikki obtained National Incident Management (MIMS) training for all village officials.

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