Elaine Berry Brockmeier
1928 – 2002

Elaine Berry Brockmeier

“She was an energetic, passionate advocate of students and teachers during her long tenure on the school board. . .”

Louis B. Brockmeier

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Elaine Berry married Dr. Frederick Brockmeier, III, a Glendale resident, in 1947. She was a talented pianist with a B. A. degree in music from DeShazo College of Music in Memphis. They had five children and for many years Elaine stayed home to raise them while teaching piano.

Elaine’s enthusiasm for public education inspired her to run and be elected the first female member of the Princeton School Board in 1967. According to her son Louis B. Brockmeier of Glendale, “She never backed down from controversy and stood her ground on many thorny issues.”

Re-elected in 1971, she retired for health reasons in 1975.

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